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Managing your brand’s social media presence online
Most marketers agree that social media is important for their business, yet for your particular product is it best to do it in-house, or should you outsource it?
Home Depot considers its associates to be one of its best resources. A select group of store associates work three days a week on the stores, and dedicate the remaining two days of their work-week to create content that can be shared online. The corporate team reviews their posts and content and manage their Facebook, Twitter and YouTube presences with the store associates input. With 48,249 Twitter followers, 50,000 facebook fans and almost 10,000,000 views on their YouTube channel, their strategy seems to be creating a lot of visibility for the brand. Their community considers its social media networks to be reliable channels to engage with the brand online and get quick answers. Social-media agencies have been brought in on occasion to help with specific events or launches.
On the other hand, Edelman manages both Volkswagen’s PR and social media presence in the United States. The agency provides media engagement, strategy, community management and digital content development across platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and VW’s network of blogs. The agency works closely with Volkswagen’s marketing department to integrate efforts.
With 38,726 twitter followers, 846,488 facebook fans and more than 60,000,000 views on their YouTube channel they’ve proven to be spreading the word quite well about the brand. 
According to the 2011 Social Media Marketing Report from Social Media Examiner, 7 in 10 marketers who engage in Social Media efforts do it in-house. 
Creating a good social media strategy is not an easy task that can be simply added to the list of responsibilities of a brand manager. It is a full commitment. In the following presentation created by Rodrigo Cauduro, you will be able to examine some of the pros and cons of outsourcing social media efforts and of keeping them in-house.

Building a great community requires many different areas of expertise, tons of communication among brand departments and time. If you are planning on getting your brand started on social media, make sure you and your company are ready for the challenge.

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